Want To Manage Your Timesheet – Look No Further Than The Cloud

Posted on: July 13, 2014

Timesheets are a vital way to keep track of time during the lifecycle of any task or project, so as to stay on track for different milestones and deadlines. They also come in handy during calculating man-hours for payments, invoicing, and determining the general efficiency with which the project has been executed.


Timesheet management is the best way to keep abreast of a project’s duration, efficiency and overall man-hours involved. For people and organizations that need to use timesheets, there are various timesheet templates which are available on the internet. These are either in text format, or use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software as a host.

The Problem with Downloaded Timesheets

There are a large number of different timesheet templates available on the internet, ready for download and use. However, adopting this method can be fraught with problems. A few of them are –

Most timesheets found on the internet are generic and simple in nature, and will need to be modified further for accommodating the specific requirement on hand.
Timesheet templates available in text format need to be printed out before use. This increases paper use, and leaves no room for soft copy backups.
Using Excel templates requires the use of Microsoft Excel, which is localized software. Files need to be transferred manually between people if they need to available for multiple personnel.

Using Cloud Based Timesheet Management

A great solution for all these problems is to use cloud based timesheet management services. It eliminates the hassle of printing out sheets, and also does away with the dependencies involved with Excel templates. If your timesheet is hosted on the cloud, it can be securely accessed from any location, from any device, by an approved user. It is a scalable system, which can fit the smallest and largest projects you want to carry out. Deployment is a breeze, and since there is no software installation involved, the timesheet management system can be put in place and be ready for use in a matter of minutes.

Also, cloud based timesheet management services come with a plethora of extra features which makes it easy for project managers to log hours, calculate payments, carry out audits and generate detailed statistical reports. These services come with integrated security features that ensure that your timesheet data remains secure and immune from outside intrusion. Overall, using cloud based solutions is a great way to make timesheet management a more efficient and effective process.

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