Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Based Timesheet Software

One of the chief roles a supervisor carries out is to oversee efficient worker management. Some of the functions he or she has to carry out in this regard include –

  1. Maintaining log in/ log out time for all workers.
  2. Calculation of benefits or wages based on the time put in.
  3. Generating insights that help management take accurate decisions that are inline with their growth objectives.


An online timesheet is one great way to track performance, utilization and productivity of an employee in any sector – be it construction, real estate or property development, or any other human resource intensive industry.

Cloud based timesheet tracking systems utilize the power of cloud technology to store data and allow easy recording and retrieval of data from any place, any time, and on any Web enabled device. With growing popularity, there are a slew of cloud based timesheet tracking software. This will lead to confusion amongst potential purchasers about which one to go for. In order to make the decision easy, we present below some features that are must-haves to qualify as a good timesheet tracking system for your organization.

  1. Scope – The timesheet needs to be very comprehensive in nature for both managers and workers. It should support not only tracking of timesheet but should also facilitate monitoring breaks, invoice tracking, expense sheet, report outputs, display trends and allow easy decision making or senior leadership of the organization.
  2. Deployment ease – Your organization must already have some IT systems in place to bring about efficiency and productivity. A cloud based software such as www.timebooklet.com needs to show the critical feature of easily integrating with the current systems so that there are no problems after the software is deployed at the client end.
  3. Cost implications – Some very effective timesheet tracking systems also come in as free to use. However one needs to weigh in between features/benefits and costs involved. If you feel a free version of a software product is not up to the mark, you can also explore paid software products that are bound to have a much broader spectrum of features.

Timesheet calculator

Keeping track of time can get really difficult for management, particularly while managing large projects involving a number of people. In those scenarios, it is important to monitor the man-hours accurately, so as to keep track of the progress of the project, and also calculate wages and payouts based on the man-hours logged by each worker involved in the project. From a worker’s point of view too, it is difficult to sit at the end of the week and calculate the duration of time they spent on the project and the related payout. For this purpose, it is wise to use timesheets to keep track of individual time durations.

A timesheet calculator can eliminate all hassles related to tracking time and monitoring wages, and make life easier for everyone involved in a project, for the supervisor as well as the employee or worker. While manual record keeping of time, wages and project costs have been long prevalent, advancement in technology has enabled computer based timesheet software to be used more accurately in lesser time.

It is easy to download timesheet templates off the internet, or use Microsoft Excel-based solutions. While these provide you with a way to get the job done, it still doesn’t eliminate the hassles of having to print out large amounts of pages, and having to depend on specific software. The solution is to use cloud based time tracking software which is platform independent, can be accessed and used with ease with just an internet browser, and does not bring hassles like paper load and software installations.

Using a Cloud Based Timesheet Calculator

With a cloud based time card calculator, things are far easier for everyone. Every worker has to log in the time they spent on a project on a daily basis, and the software takes care of all the important and complex calculations, generating complete statements, statistics, and calculating the exact number of hours each person has put in. Since the software does the calculation, there is no need for any manual effort. Cloud based timesheet software is also a safe, secure way of documenting the progress of a project and keep a backup copy of the time card records of each person involved.

Benefits of Cloud Based Timesheet Calculator

There are a number of important benefits when it comes to using cloud based timesheet solutions –

  1. Accurate and safe reporting is always available. Cloud based timesheet calculators calculate durations accurately and make sure that no one gets underpaid or overpaid due to mistakes in calculations.
  2. Apart from making calculations, cloud based timesheet software also keeps detailed records of the same. So, if you want to go back and check the work records for a past project, you just need to log in and take a quick look. This is a great tool for backing up project data and using it at a later time.
  3. Using a cloud based time clock calculator is easy- it can be used by anyone and from anywhere. It just requires logging in from an internet browser. Access control can be fine-tuned by administrators to achieve maximum efficiency and data security. Overall, it is a safe and secure way of keeping track of project times, while also being extremely easy to use.

These point support the fact that using a cloud based timesheet calculator can indeed be a life saver, both for workers and employers.