Why You Should Start Using Online App, Which is Better Than Paper

Managing timesheet and invoices is important not only in construction but also in other aspects of our lives and business activities. Prior to the advent of the internet, such task can only be done with paper but nowadays, online or cloud based timesheet has revolutionized the estimation processes and the management of time. Cloud based timesheets are much better than paper for so many reasons, a few of these reasons and benefits of cloud based app over the use of paper is shortly outlined.

• With cloud based platform, you do not need to install any software. Everything is done over the internet and hence making it superfast and efficient. More so, you will always be up-to-date with the latest features and technologies.

• The cloud based timesheet provided by Timebooklet.com is essentially fast and secure. You will not lose your data in any way as the data is always backed up and protected.

• The use of smartphone for business activities has become the order of the day. Cloud based apps can easily be opened in smartphones and any other platforms including desktop platforms, tablets and so forth.

• You only need a few mouse clicks to create your timesheet as well as estimates and convert them into invoices and send them to managers and so forth. As a matter of fact, cloud based timesheet drastically eliminates the stress involved in handling timesheet but also ensures that efficiency and the best performance is ensured in the process.

New invoice design

When I’m working with my clients, I always looking for a way to impress my them. With nice and professional estimates, to get their business. With under promising and over delivering, making sure I did my best to complete the work I promised.

And then when when it’s time to bill the client – professional looking invoice, after all if client is satisfied with everything I’ve done – it’s more likely, we’ll be working again. So, it’s as important to have professional look and the way you handle the business as the work you do and relationships you have with your clients.

Today, we are happy to announce we finally completed new design for printed invoice (PDF). It features modern and very simple design that looks both professional and clean. Now when you print out your next invoice using TimeBooklet – be assured your client will find you way more professional in the way you handle the business.


We are working hard to make it even better and looking forward to hear your feedback or suggestions (please leave a comment below this post or contact us). In the next few weeks, your profile will have additional fields for address and company name. And that information will automatically be published on this invoice.

Just add new invoice, add as many items as needed, add invoice number, subject, due date and issue date and optional notes. Your invoice is ready to be shared by email (send directly to client from TimeBooklet) with your client or print it out.

If you still don’t have account – register now. It’s free (limited time).